Download, install, uninstall

All the Mod4j DSL editors are published as features to the Mod4j update site. Follow the instructions below to get them installed using the Eclipse Update Manager. Also you find here how you can uninstall Mod4j features in Eclipse.

Downlaod and Install Mod4j

Its assumed that you've followed the installation instructions in Setting up your environment on the Getting Started page .

The Mod4j DSL editors can be installed from the Mod4j update site:

Mod4j update site:

  1. In Eclipse navigate to: Help, Install New Software...
  2. Choose the option "Search for new features to install" and click on "Next".
  3. To create a new remote site for Mod4j, click on the button "Add...".
  4. Enter a Name: "Mod4j update site"
  5. Enter the URL: and click on "OK"
  6. Next you can select the Mod4j features of your choice. Complete the wizard to install the chosen features.

Uninstall Mod4j

  1. In Eclipse navigate to: Help, Install New Software...
  2. Click on the link: What is already installed ?
  3. On the tab Installed Software select the Mod4j features you wish to uninstall.
  4. Press the button Uninstall... . Wait a moment for Eclipse to finish calculating the necessary requirements (mind the Progress bar).
  5. Click on the button Finish
  6. Its recommended to restart Eclipse after uninstalling features.