Mod4j Professional Support

Mod4j is open source and therefore free to use for anyone. On the Mod4j website you will find extensive documentation free of charge.

When applying Mod4j or model-driven software development in general it is often good to get some experts for training and consulting. The companies below all have Mod4j committers aboard and offer some form of support around Mod4j.

Ordina J-Technologies

Ordina is the initiator of the Mod4j project and has in-depth knowledge of Mod4j and of all of the Eclipse Modeling tools that are usded in the development of the DSLs. Ordina can provide you with the services described below. If you are interested in professional support from Ordina please contact Edwin Damen.

Using Mod4j

Ordina provides professional training and consultancy to support you in kick-starting the use of Mod4j. Additionally we can deliver experienced architects and developers with Mod4j skills. They can speed up development and also act as a Mod4j mentor to the rest of the team. Having an experienced Mod4j developer is an effective way to learn Mod4j on the job.

Adapting Mod4j

The Mod4j DSL provide a usefull starting point, but will not always be exactly what you need. The structure of Mod4j is made with flexibility in mind. It is therefore possible to change or extend the DSLs in various ways. Our experienced Mod4j development team can help you to analyse the applicability of Mod4j, find the changes you need and incorporate them into Mod4j.

Developing Custom DSL

If you need custom DSLs for your development you will need some high level DSL development skills. With our experience of building DSLs like Mod4j we can help you setup your own DSL. If required, Ordina can also connect your own DSL to the existing Mod4j DSLs to enhance the possibilities.